Klankfest 8: Prins Thomas, Optimo, Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks, Mo Disko, Juice Blenders, Borat

Democrazy presents Mo’ Juice

Line-up*********♪ Prins Thomas (Full Pupp, NO)He will be effortlessly be accompanied by Prins Thomas who’s responsible for a swag of eclectic ‘space-disco’ sounds emanating from his homeland, Norway. He joined forces with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm in 2003. They both have backgrounds in different Norwegian band projects, ranging from punk to gospel to heavy metal to folk and psychedelia, but they also shared a passion for collecting records and running their own labels.♪ Optimo (Espacio) (Optimo Espacio,UK)From New York over Norway, we make the international circle round with Optimo, consisting of JD Twitch & JG Wilkes who hosted the Optimo Espacio events. They continued to tour world-wide, promote and release music as well as bringing the party back home. The result is an outstanding collection of diverse tracks and songs reflecting their broad taste in music as their set on this night will testify.♪ Eric 'Dunks' Duncan DJ aka Dr. Dunks (Rub-N-Tug, USA)And who better the lead us into the night than one of New York’s disco instigators of recent times. Eric Duncan aka Dr Dunks is one half of legendary DJ duo Rub-n-Tug & also half of DFA’s Still Going. No matter the name though, the game remains unchanged: peak time party provider. Ever since coming up in his hometown of Los Angeles' freestyle and hip-hop scene in the early 80’s, Duncan has been a sound selector extraordinaire.♪ Mo Disko (The Glimmers)The musical and organizational master-minds behind Mo’ Juice will obviously also take to the stage… Mo Disko aka Dirty Mind aka part of Disko Drunkards is also known as Mo from Mo & Benoelie aka The Glimmers. Notorious and revered because of his amazing choice of records. Maybe you’ve seen him play in Ibiza? Or in Australia? But this time, you don’t even have to travel that far to hear him play.♪ Juice Blenders (Democrazy)The Juice Blenders became one of the leading figures in the early drum 'n' bass scene in Ghent. By the end of the noughties the time was right to switch things around, so they decided to focus on the music they really, really love, discarding any restrictions. Instead of one-hour DJ sets, this meant playing long sets with lot's of disco (not-disco), vintage house, punk funk and dirty electro - more adventurous and more surprising. Music that comes from the heart... and goes straight to the hips.♪ Borat (Music Mania)The line-up is completed with Borat, the lovable man with the beard who is most entitled to the title ‘Walking Musical Encyclopedia’. He has been working in the Music Mania record shop for many, many years and was the one who tipped some of the most exciting dj’s around. A dj-gig of him has become quite a rarity lately so don’t miss this opportunity to see him at work with some of the toppers he tipped first.On Day 8 of Klankfest we would like to invite all aficionados of (proto)-house, cosmic disco, afrobeat, 80’s boogie or vintage electro!As a nomadic Ghent music club, Democrazy has been offering a high quality range of pop and rock in the broadest sense since 1981. Naturally, this encompasses genres such as hip-hop, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, pop, alternative rock, electronic, metal, dance, funk, soul, reggae,... but for Klankfest, Democrazy will go all out for disco and who better than Mo’ Juice to help them do that.Follow this event on Facebook.

Mo Disko

Mo Disko aka Dirty Mind aka deel van Disko Drunkards. Ook bekend als Mo van Mo & Benoelie aka the Glimmers. Berucht en bemind omwille van zijn uitstekende platenkeuze (luister maar naar de Free...

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Eric Duncan(US)

Al sinds de jaren ’90 maakte hij furore als Rub-N-Tug; wij schatten hem hoog in als dj 'pur-sang', die dankzij zijn jarenlange ervaring elke crowd probleemloos rond zijn vingers kan draaien.

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Prins Thomas (no)

Prins Thomas was verantwoordelijk voor de opgang van de eclectische ‘space-disco’ sounds die vooral in Noorwegen erg veel bijval kent. Hij startte zijn DJ-carrière in het verlengde van zijn break...

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    Optimo (gb)

    Optimo is een DJ-duo dat bestaat uit JD Twitch en JG Wilkes. Van 1997 tot 2010 hostten deze twee heren de Optimo Espacio-feestjes in de legendarische Sub Club in Glasgow. Optimo Music kwam er in de...

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      Juice Blenders(BE)

      Nico Juice en Alan Johnson, oftewel de Juice Blenders, lieten Gent in de jaren ’90 kennis maken met drum-‘n-bass. Ondertussen draaien ze alles wat ze goed vinden, zonder beperkingen: van cosmic...

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      Borat (bel)

      De aimabele man met de baard en heel waarschijnlijk de man die het meest in aanmerking komt voor de titel ‘Wandelend Muzikaal Encyclopedie’' aka Borat werkt al jaren voor platenwinkel Music Mania...

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        Klankfest 8: Prins Thomas, Optimo, Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks, Mo Disko, Juice Blenders, BoratDemocrazy presents Mo’ Juice