Freestyle Emcee Stage

Coming afters the breakers' show... Two of the world's finest breakdance crews exclusively at work in Gent !! Under the allseeing eye of DJ's JOE BUHDHA & GRAZZHOPP

Krewcial Liveband

Belgium's internationally most respected hiphop-artist impressed us and many others worldwide with two quality-albums on both BBE RECORDS and BLUE NOTE. Reviews worldwide give him maximum credits,...

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    Hiphopper Gus is de rechterhand van Lefto tijdens diens show op Studio Brussel, elke zondagavond.

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    Outspoken Members

    The group Bedrecs was founded in the beginning of 1998..During Hip Hop Madness, an event organized by Team Alosta head KingPin, it consisted of 3 members: Stan, Phil & Sense. While being heavily...

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      Dj Menno(BE)

      DJ Menno kennen we ongetwijfeld als levendige turntable hero van DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband, en zijn samenwerking met mensen als Jerboa (B), Omni (USA), the Archetypes (Capetown, SA),... Daarnaast...

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      Dj Grazzhoppa

      Grazzhoppa, ook bekend als Wim Verbrugghe, Mr. Cheebahawkes, Mr. Mingpanel of Three Insekt begon zijn muzikale carriére in 1985. Na jaren van oefening werd DJ Grazzhoppa in 1991 ‘DMC European...

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