One of the drum'n'bass producers responsible for shaping the sound of the Metalheadz label in the early '90s, Digital was one of drum'n'bass' most accomplished producers throughout the '90s and into the next decade. Born Steve Carr in Ipswich, England, Digital became invovled with music at any early age, helping his dad with sound systems. Beginning in his teens, people began calling him by his psyduonym. Beginning in 1989, Digital spun reggae on local sound systems; however, the rave scene of the time began to infiltrate Ipswich, and Digital began getting interested in the quickly evolving scene, becoming friends with Photek. Digital's first production, "Touch Me," was released by Timeless Records in 1992, followed by "Down Under." The latter track drew the attention of Goldie, who'd heard Doc Scott spin it at the legendary Speed club, and soon Digital had joined forces with the Metalheadz camp. His "Niagra"/"Down Under" 12" was released by Metalheadz in 1996, solidifying Digital's esteemed status in the U.K. drum'n'bass scene. He continued producing tracks, many of which were released on lables such as Photek Productions, Creative Source, and Timeless. Interview: Releases on a.o. METALHEADZ, REINFORCED, CREATIVE SOURCE and PHOTEK recs.