Stoner, doom band FLOWERS was formed in the Netherlands in 2015 by vocalist/guitarist Roos Pollmann and drummer Judith van Oostrum. After two years of grinding in underground spaces, working on their music, they decided to bring it to the light and share their music in 2017. They recorded their self titled EP and released it early 2018. Right after the release they started working on a concept album - DOOM CITY - their debut album.

DOOM CITY is a concept album about a decaying, industrial, deserted, isolated place in an empty, resourceless desert.

The city is a metaphor for unsustainable systems/situations that would be better to let go of - let it be destroyed to make place for something better.  For FLOWERS this unsustainable system is the binary gender system - it's struggling to survive, it has to perish to make place for a new and better way.

The Amsterdam based duo creates fluorescent, doom-laden, gloomy, forlorn minimalism. FLOWERS understands that, in order to keep raising the stakes, restraint and suspense are just as useful as crude juggernaut-like power. Though poised and stylish, the emotional release unfolding is unfiltered, uncompromising and hard-hitting.

The self titled EP was released on Belgium based Luik Records and Netherlands based Subroutine Records. Their debut album 'DOOM CITY' was recorded at Tapetown Studios in Denmark and will be released September 20th 2019 on Belgium based Luik Records and Netherlands based Meduse MagiQ.