Jaws Of Love.(US)

Jarenlang was Kelcey Ayer één van de zangers en songwriters bij Local Natives. Nu komt hij naar voor met zijn soloproject Jaws Of Love. Zijn debuutplaat, Tasha Sits Close To The Piano, werd door zijn vrouw naar hun hond genoemd, en is uit sinds 22 september bij K-Rizzla Records. Single 'Jaws of Love' is een pianoballad die zich ontspint tot de grandeur van een indierocknummer. “The whole project is me trying to embrace my nuances and indulge in it. It was such an awesome release making these songs, and that let me embrace who I feel like I am. It was wonderful to not have to explain myself to anyone. I have dark piano music in my heart and soul, and Jaws Of Love. is me at my truest self.” Stereogum

In een interview met Grimygoods praat hij over zijn liefde voor donkere muziek: “I think a little bit after Gorilla Manor I started discovering more unabashedly darker music; Radiohead post-Ok Computer, Portishead’s Third. I just started really gravitating towards these artists who didn’t feel afraid to be emotional and go to darker places, I’ve always really respected that and it’s always really resonated with me. When this project came about it became clear to me that I could express myself fully in that way I’ve always been attracted to with this project.”

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