Pruikduif is a Ghent based band consisting of four friends including two brothers. Primarily they never intended to become a band, they had no musical ambitions nor education. Several years ago they just started playing for the sheer fun of it, and held nightly jam sessions in a self-built studio in the attic. Out of this grooving and crafting a bunch of songs emerged. As the focus of the band relies on their live perfomance, these songs are subjected to a constantflow of change. Nevertheless you can recognise the specific sound of pruikduif as a very energetic one, using unconventional rhythms, intertwined with elusive vocals.The sound of the lyrics is more important than the meaning, and often improvised. For Pruikduif, using a different language, is like singing in another color. These squeaked, beeped and mumbled words keep their performance within an unspoken, arousing abstract.This experience will definitely make you want to wear this wig again!