For all Democrazy-concerts, you can purchase tickets in different locations, both online and offline.

  • On this website, through the event pages. When you've finished your order, you'll receive an email. Check your spam folder. Mail us at of call at +32 9 223 22 27 (10-18u on weekdays)

  • Offline tickets can be bought at the desk of record store Music Mania (19, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, Ghent, close to Vooruit and Zuid)
  • For concerts taking place in Kunstencentrum Vooruit, you can purchase tickets at the desk (23, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, Thu - Fri 12pm - 6pm)
    Mail them at or call 09 267 28 28 (Thu - Fri 12pm - 6pm).
  • We suggest you present us with your digital ticket on your smartphone. Increase the brightness of your screen to enable the scanning. You can also print your ticket. 
  • In case a concert is not sold out in advance, we sell tickets at the desk on the evening of the show. If a concert is sold out, we mention it on website and Facebook.


Almost Democrazy concerts can be paid by gift voucher. You can buy gift vouchers here. The unique code on the voucher can be used in the payment process.


At the end of each calendar year, we sell the DemoCrisisPas for the following year. This card gives the buyer access to 10 Democrazy concerts of his choice. Keep an eye on our newsletter and social media towards the end of the year; this Pass always sells out quickly.


At the desk of our Big Next concerts, we distribute Big Next vouchers. When you have 3 stamps on this voucher, you get free access to your next Big Next concert. Please email to to let us know you'll be coming for free, and bring your stamped voucher.